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About Us

We are fully committed to deliver the installation of IT infrastructure for all entrepreneurs, agencies, organizations and operators.
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We bring you the communication technology that helps you build success.

10years of experience in the IT world

Story About Us

The services that Commtech is working on can broadly divide into two categories: IT services and telecommunication services. It starts with designing, implementing, and running the system.


Using state-of-the-art communication technology To deliver the best value and efficiency.


Deliver expectation work that exceeds customer expectations.
  • 2013
    Starting Point
    We begin with a commitment to be a part of the development of communication infrastructure for Thai people.
  • 2016
    Expanding & Learning
    We have a large project that challenges our abilities. It's good that we learned that makes us stronger. Therefore, Our next step is to manage work systems, personnel, and accounting as systematical.
  • 2019
    Ready Steady Go!!
    We organize work, personnel, and accounting according to standards. Ready to be responsible for various projects to be successful. It exceeds your expectations.


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